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If you don’t have your own home photo studio yet, or if you need a mobile one to get studio-quality photos, check out the tips from Jackie Lamas, a Mexican portrait photographer, who will tell you how to equip a photo studio that meets all the needs of a photographer.

Determine which equipment kit is right for your type of photograph

Many photographers narrowly specialize in one type of photograph. Others, on the contrary, can engage in completely different genres. This is important to take into account when creating your studio quality shooting kits.
8 tips for creating a portable photo studio 8 tips for creating a portable photo studio 8 tips for creating a portable photo studio

It is also necessary to determine whether shooting will be conducted under natural light or whether light outside the camera (or, possibly, both) will be used. What basic equipment you need for photo shoots depends on it.

All this should be considered when you create a kit for a portable photo studio. This allows you to maintain high quality images from a technical point of view, even if you do not have a separate specially prepared studio space.

8 tips for creating a portable photo studio

Basic equipment

Different types of photography will require different equipment. Most portable installations will include the following:

photophone, installation system for it and clips for fixing the background;
light sources (either constant or pulsed, possibly remote on-camera flashes) and studio racks for them;
synchronizers and remote controls;
battery for studio lighting;
props for posing when shooting portraits.
8 tips for creating a portable photo studio

Foldable studio background – great space savings and maximum ease of use. It is easily transported. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Additional equipment depends on the type of photograph. For example, to photograph newborns, you will need a heated floor and a pillow for laying a small model for a photo shoot.

For desktop photography, you need a lightbox or a table for subject shooting, various products for styling pictures to achieve the desired image.

Connect with devices

When you photograph at a location using a portable photo studio, it’s useful to connect the camera to the device. Whether it’s a tablet or laptop, in any case it will allow you to see the photo on the big screen, which facilitates the process of achieving the goal. You can synchronize your computer via WiFi or Bluetooth so that the connection is wireless. Please note that the battery life of the camera will be shorter than usual. In this case, you may have to change the batteries more often.

8 tips for creating a portable photo studio
Connecting to a device can help see the image on a large screen.

Another way to connect is to connect the camera via cable. This limits the mobility of both the device and the camera, although this is not a problem if you do not move much during the shooting process. But you can use a longer cable to be able to move around without problems.

Portable tent

When using a portable photo studio, it can be quite difficult to find a place with an accessible locker room for customers. There is a solution – make the portable tent part of your kit.

This is a foldable tent that can be expanded to give customers space and privacy. They will not need to look for some nooks or change clothes in a cramped car.

8 tips for creating a portable photo studio
Appearance of a portable folding tent for changing clothes

The most convenient thing in the tent is that it can be folded up, which means that there will be no difficulties with transportation. You will need a tent for shooting portraits, photo shoots of models, love stories, etc.

Allow customer to add props

Having a portable studio means you’re limited in size for your car. This means that you will also have to limit the type of props that you can buy, hold and store until you use them.

8 tips for creating a portable photo studio
Portable studio with natural light, with a client’s hat and a mantle with a background

Ask your customers to bring their props to the shoot. This may work in your interests, as each photo session will always be different from the previous one.

8 tips for creating a portable photo studio
Use a small table with a paper background to create a studio for shooting still life anywhere

Sales sessions

Given that your studio is mobile, this may also mean that your sessions should also be mobile after shooting or checking work. Even if you don’t have a specific allocated space, you can still conduct personal sales sessions.

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