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Yuri Abramochkin (Yury Abramochkin) – a bright personality in the circles of Soviet photographers. Having been engaged in reportage filming for more than 60 years, he was awarded many awards. The most famous politicians of Soviet Russia and abroad fell into his lens. However, he was not limited to working with celebrities. On business trips, Yuri Abramochkin took the time to film ordinary people who were engaged in everyday affairs. Working in the genre of reportage photography, he managed to go down in history as a unique and inimitable master of his craft.

Creative path of Yuri Abramochkin

Yuri Abramochkin was born, who was destined to become a brilliant photo chronicler, on December 11, 1936 in Moscow. He lost his parents early. His grandmother surrounded him with care and love. From his father, young Yuri inherited a FED camera, which was used to take the first pictures of a then-unknown photographer.

Before joining the photo, Yuri Abramochkin had a chance to work as a surveyor. Then he was a laboratory assistant in Mosstroy. There, it was his responsibility to document tracing drawings and plans. Managing potential by photographing documents was difficult. However, in 1957, two events happened at once, which can be considered crucial for a talented photographer.

The first is a proposal to work as a photographer at the festival of youth and students, the second is the relocation of a house that Mosstroy was involved in. Abramochkin watched the process with interest and took pictures of everything that was interesting to him. These images he provided Sovinformburo. The works attracted the attention of officials and were published in the unique edition of Soviet Weekly, which was intended for the capitalist countries. Then the glory came to the young genius, who at that time turned 21 years old.

In the future, the management of the publishing house Soviet Weekly used the services of a photographer for 40 years. In 1961, Yuri Abramochkin began a fruitful collaboration with the Novosti Press Agency. His entire career is filled with vivid events and fascinating stories. He not only photographed prominent politicians, astronauts and artists, but penetrated their inner world, displaying it in his photographs. The heart of the great photographer stopped on April 5, 2018.

Yuri Abramochkin did not welcome the staged poses that prevailed in photography of that time. He understood that they did not allow a person to open in front of the camera, make him constrained and unnatural. The priority of the photographer was respect for the subject. He knew how to find an approach to every person with whom he worked.

Abramochkin’s peculiarity was that he was in no hurry to clutch at the camera at the sight of a famous person. Abramochkin was not only a brilliant photographer, but also a subtle psychologist. He knew how to attract each person to himself. In communication, Yuri made it clear to the interlocutor that the pictures taken and photo reports would not compromise, but would show the best side. Yuri was especially good at portraiture. He also had the gift of appearing at the right time in the right place. Never parting with the camera, he caught unique moments in everyday life.

In the photo collection of Abramochkin there are pictures of Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Reagan, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin, Fidel Castro, Jacques Chirac, Margaret Thatcher, Yasser Arafat, Luzhkov, Nixon, Valentina Tereshkova, J. Bush Sr., Gagarin, Tupin. This is only a small part of the celebrities with whom he worked as a genius of reportage photography for his bright creative activity.

He always sought to photograph the moment that best reflects the essence of the situation. The photographer was in no hurry to let go of the camera after protocol posing. He paid the least attention to him, because the best moments happened after, when the “models” allowed themselves to show emotions, behaved naturally, revealing the inner world.

A special place is given to photographs of ordinary people. The photographer liked to work with them the most. He preferred to photograph children. At the same time, in his works there was no sugaryness that many photographers working with babies try to give with pictures. He approached the process creatively, with a certain amount of humor. The most striking examples are the work “Crew” and “Schoolyard”.

Awards and titles of Yuri Abramochkin

Yuri received his first award in 1962. His works were presented in Prague at the famous Interfoto exhibition. After 4 years, the photographer was awarded a bronze medal at the Interpress-Photo exhibition, organized in his native city of Moscow.

An important award for Yuri Abramochkin was the award for the best political reporting. She was assigned to the photographer of the USSR Federation of Journalists.

In 1979, the works of Yuri Vasilievich were presented in Havana, where they also received medals. An important event of 1980 for the USSR was the holding of the Olympic Games, at which as a photographer.

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