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Not all photographers live in Moscow, St. Petersburg or another big city, but this does not mean that in a small town you cannot work as a highly professional photographer and earn accordingly. What points should be considered for this?

When living in small cities, the overhead is usually lower. Maybe our work can also be priced cheaper? This mistake is often made by photographers from small cities, believing that they are not entitled to charge the same fees for services as photographers in large cities. The fact is that outside these big cities there is less work, so your daily earnings should be comparable. Otherwise, with a lower daily rate and less workload, you will quickly become stuck at low earnings. Finding the right balance is, of course, difficult. It may take more than one year to really figure it out.

You must be prepared for travel if you live outside a large city. You can often spend a day going to the capital for a one-hour photo shoot. It is just a fact of life. You can enjoy the journey and see in it a pleasant rest from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world.

Life example: a photographer lives in a small town. This is a very small city, so small that it is difficult to walk along the street without meeting friends. The economy is also very small, from his client base he currently has two clients in the area. This means that he often has to sleep in hotels and travel around the country. There are advertising agencies in the city, but only two of them work at a good professional level, as he does, so trips to clients become an important part of the photographer’s life.

Quality of work
This may seem obvious, but just because you are not in Moscow does not mean that your work should not be as good as those who work in the capital. Your work should be the same as in large cities at your cost. If the work is of poor quality, it does not matter where you are – you will not receive enough orders. This is even more important when the photographer lives outside the big city. If you imagine the world of photography in a certain system of levels, then when you live in a big city and, for example, shoot at the “eighth” level, then in living conditions outside the big city the level of work performance should already be “ninth”, etc. . Once your work is of high enough quality and you are well known, customers will not care where you are. A photographer can have clients from different places and countries who give orders for shooting advertising campaigns of their brands, and for them professional style and quality of work is more important than location.

What is it like to work as a photographer in a small town

You must be the photographer that customers remember when they need a certain type of photograph. You need to ensure that in your photographs there is something that would set you apart from other colleagues in the workshop. Choose what you love and cultivate it. You can make enough money in almost any genre of photography, provided that you are a master of your craft.

Social media
Nowadays, Instagram is the king of commercial photography. No matter where you are in the world, you can communicate with the right people and your work will be noticed. Not only make publications, but also actively communicate in the community of people with whom you want to work. It is possible to establish and maintain contacts with many professionals from photographers to stylists, and it is important that people know who you are and how your work looks.

Get ready for urgent work.
It is noticed that ordering a photo shoot is often an impulsive purchase at the end of planning an advertising campaign. If the client initially did not have serious plans for photos for the campaign, you will probably be the last on his list of the right people. It can be argued that the lead time for such an order will be very short. There are times when you need to take pictures in the afternoon, and deliver the finished pictures by the end of the night to meet the deadlines for printing billboards the next day before lunch. This means staying awake until work is complete. It is difficult, but we, as photographers, take enough money to take the next few days to recover from stress and lack of sleep. And you can’t miss orders, you must always be ready for them.

Photo studio with equipment
Of course, the advantage of large cities is that there are rental shops there that you can turn to and leave with a bunch of equipment for everyday work, thus having at your disposal an equipped studio. However, in a small town this is not possible. There are no rental locations and often there are no rental studios suitable for the work of the photographer. Therefore, you have to acquire your own equipment and props. Of course, more often photo shoots will take place outside your town, but you need to be prepared for the fact that orders will appear on the spot.

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