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HOW TO BUILD A POSITION FOR THE Groom and the Chafer in wedding photos

Wedding days are not only about brides, although it may really seem so. At the celebration, the photographer needs to shoot the groom alone and with his friends (they like it, by the way, or not).

When you build the groom’s pose in a frame where he is alone, you can often notice some stiffness and a running look, because most men are embarrassed to be photographed. So it’s worth starting a conversation that would have nothing to do with the wedding in order to relax them.

Find a good background where you could photograph the groom in three different frames: full length, half body, and close-up. These three frames will add variety to your portraits and give you more options when choosing the best portrait for your clients.

For example, lighting from a window can add depth to a photograph while the groom straightens his tie or watch or simply fastens his shirt. Ask him to look out the window or watch. So his hands will be busy with something, and since he does not look at the camera at this moment, he will not feel vulnerable.

When you are outside, you can ask the groom to lean against the wall or just stand in the middle of the path. To help him build a natural pose, tell him to stand as if he is alone, and not next to the photographer during the shooting process. Also remind him of breathing. Stiffness is often caused by a person holding his breath. It will also help him relax his shoulders and the whole position as a whole.

Posing groom at a photo shoot
Photographing a groom in three different frames is a great way to add variety to a photo shoot

If the groom usually puts his hand in his pocket, ask him to put in his pocket the one that is away from the camera. This can help make the portrait more natural. If the groom’s gaze is directed to different points outside the camera (sideways, behind the photographer or even his shoes), this will help reduce tension and stiffness, as well as make you feel more comfortable in principle.

Feel free to joke during the shoot, talk about what’s interesting to the groom, or just compliment him. Such conversations help to relax, cause natural smiles or even laughter, and at least fill awkward pauses and silence.

A sitting pose in the frame is another good option for the groom. Let him sit on the steps against the wall or even just on a chair. The sitting position allows you to feel less pinched and allows the photographer to focus on various details of the suit, for example, shoes or socks, if the groom chose something special.

Portraits of the groom with the bride

But the groom does not have to be in his portraits in splendid isolation. A beautiful picture of the bride and groom will be appropriate in the overall history of the wedding.

Place the couple facing each other and ask the bride to lay her head on the chest or arm of the groom. Then let her close her eyes, and you ask the groom to look at the camera.

Another good portrait is the groom is rotated at an angle of 45 degrees, and the bride is behind him. Ask her to put her head on the back or shoulders of the groom, and let him look either directly at you or just into the distance. However, he does not need to smile. It can even look much more serious. But the overall picture will still be romantic and will show that the couple shares a special moment.
Posing groom at a photo session Posing groom at a photo session Posing groom at a photo session

You can create different options where the groom:

in focus;
in the forefront;
looking directly at the camera;
is the main subject in the photo.
All this will create pleasant portraits of the groom and help him pose with the bride.


Friends of the groom are always fun and interesting to photograph. In most cases, they will joke that it will only benefit from creating sincere photos. However, there is a flip side: it is likely that they will not take the photo shoot seriously. One way to make you listen and collaborate is to let them know that the faster they go through the photo shoot, the faster they will continue to have fun. But do not use this trick until you take some sincere photos showing how friends interact with each other in life, since without such pictures the final album can turn out without a soul.

You can search for inspiration on the Internet and save reference photos on your phone, and then recreate them or use some details. This can save a lot of time if you still have little experience in wedding photography.

Try to make conversation with photographers easy and relaxed. Group bustle or simple hugs are great moments for photos that can cheer you up if you feel that the pictures are getting a bit constrained or your friends are losing their temper.

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