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Write a script. It would seem that you can skip this step, but if you spend time preparing the script or at least outline your ideas, this will save you time in the future. A script is text that contains everything that you are going to say in your video. Read it aloud a couple of times to understand how it sounds. People often write texts in phrases other than spoken language, and reading aloud will help to identify everything that does not sound the way it should.


Light is the most important factor in shooting a video. It is better to use a budget camera and good lighting.

For indoor shooting, light from the windows can help or greatly interfere. But you should always avoid the light from the window behind you or the presence of another window in the frame, as this can make it difficult to get a balanced exposure.

Also, when shooting indoors, be sure to mix color temperatures. Most light bulbs emit a different color of light from the sun and this can cause the shadows to turn blue and the glare to become orange, or vice versa. Outside, avoid direct sunlight. Find a shady spot or move the picture on a cloudy day. It will also reduce eye strain and eliminate the need to squint.

The automatic white balance in the camera often works quite well, but if you want to make sure that the colors in the video do not change, you can set the white balance manually. If your camera allows you to adjust the color temperature (in degrees Kelvin), start with a value of 5600 (daylight) as the basis, and then try changing the settings: warmer – decrease the value, colder – increase.

Camera and sound

An entry-level digital SLR or mirrorless camera is a great option for professional results. Even a smartphone or GoPro will take pictures with good lighting.

If it’s convenient for you (and your camera supports this format), shoot video in manual exposure mode. This will allow you to control the appearance of the video and ensure that the camera does not overlap or underexpose an important part of the scene (for example, the face of the subject) with the correct exposure of a less important area (for example, background).

If you work alone, shooting a video and simultaneously shooting in it, one of the most difficult things can be the correct focus. Fortunately, many modern cameras, including smartphones, have a face recognition feature with focus. This mode can really simplify the task. Pay attention to the Dual Pixel autofocus technology on Canon cameras, such as the EOS Rebel T7i and EOS M6, which works in conjunction with face recognition to get a high-quality result.

Sound is no less important than the video. Most cameras have not-so-good built-in microphones that pick up sounds, all the background noise coming from any direction. Using the on-camera microphone will change the sound recording quality. Good results will come from either a wired or wireless lavalier microphone, which can be attached to clothing near the speaker’s mouth.

Shooting in 4K format is not yet required, but it has its advantages compared to Full HD. Greater resolution, high detail, no “soapy” pictures, video on any huge TV looks great, good color correction, color does not “crumble”. 4K allows you to zoom out to Full HD, and it’s convenient for cropping and adding animations to videos.


It is important to find a place to shoot with good lighting. If you’re in your own home, check to see if you need boring blank walls or a cluttered background in the frame. You can decorate the space with photographs or other objects that are related to the topic of the video.

To make the video more interesting, try using panning, tilt on a tripod, and a slider to move the camera from side to side. If you shoot with your hands, be sure to use a camera with internal stabilization or a stabilized lens. Most importantly, don’t overdo it. Some movement may help the shooting, but it also distracts the viewer.

Post processing

If you are new to video editing, do not spend money on software. Even DaVinci Resolve, a professional editing application, has an excellent free version. And if you already have membership in Adobe Creative Cloud, don’t forget that you have access to Premiere Pro. But seriously, even iMovie works.

Whichever application you choose, study its keyboard shortcuts. The less you touch the mouse, the more effective it will be. You may have to complete several projects before, remembering what you need, you will save your valuable time and feel like a professional.

Make editing simple. Avoid unnecessary visual effects – dissolving, wiping and other transitions.

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